Mastering the practice through purposeful reflection.


This space, like many other steps in my educational career, was created by people believing in me. I just had to embrace it and go for it. So, before anything else, I must share with you my first reflection. In life we cross path with people, we are presented with opportunities, and we discover things not by chance, but because they are meant to happen. When we meet new people, or when new opportunities present themselves, we must be ready to go with the flow, learn and grow. At least, that is how I am here, no regrets and definitely thankful.

So, now it’s your opportunity to jump in and, hopefully, get inspired.

Now, you are it! So, let’s …..

Talk Shop-02

The posts are sorted into the four categories as shown below. These are very broad categories and the sorting may be somehow ‘creative’. In each of these areas, I plan on providing links to my favorite resources on the web as well as book lists and reviews. Enjoy!

Behavior Management

Reflections on best practices when creating classroom rules, tips on data collection, FBAs, and BIPs.

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Classroom Environment

Tips and thoughts on how to create a classroom environment that is conductive to high level thinking while addressing the social emotional and academic needs of all students.

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Joys and struggles of a ‘power of two’ relationship. It’s matter of dialog and, sometimes, compromising.

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Resources on how to write compliant IEPs, measurable academic and behavioral goals, present levels of performance and all that fun stuff!

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Currently an elementary special education teacher, Mrs. Snyder has taught self-contained EBD, IRR Special Education and Spanish in the middle school grades. She is a former Special Education Director for a network of charter schools, a mentor, and a presenter in brain based teaching and early childhood education. Mrs. Snyder earned her Licensure in Psychology (Master Degree equivalent) at the Universidad de Buenos Aires and her Special Education Certification at the University of Georgia. She believes her role as educator is to facilitate the discovery of knowledge by supporting the individual’s own pathway of exploration, meeting them at their point of development, and together engage in a dialectic student-teacher relationship that will enrich everyone involved.